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Thursday, April 3, 2014

READING AND WRITING March 27-April 2, 2014

I enjoy reading fantasy. The problem is that most often these days the heroes are teens, as if Merry and Pippin had jumped center-stage of Lord of the Rings. (For those who have read the book, you know that Frodo is older than his cousins, not the fresh-faced Elijah Woods.)

Which is my way of saying that I enjoyed Call of the Herald  by Brian Rathbone very much once we got past the first section where their world as country bumpkins in the Godfist society is established. Caitin is a believable recipient of supernatural power, feminine without being weak, with a great supporting cast. I might even enjoy the rest of the series, but not until I get past my fifty or so free and $1 finds that truly appealed to me.

Next up: The Dante Connection by Estelle Ryan.

Writing-wise: I continue to delve through the women of the Bible. Sapphira, the co-thief with her husband Ananias; Serah, the only woman mentioned coming to Egypt with Joseph--and the interesting stories about her found in Jewish literature; Shelomith, who married an Egyptian then watched her son get stoned to death; and others. They are challenging.

No word on one project--may not for another two weeks.

For now, I'm working my way through my next book, Runaway Love.  At the two-thirds mark!

I also have the galleys to proof for Colorado Melodies, due out in August. :)

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