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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

POETRY ZONE (March 26 - April 7, 201)


The following poem was chosen as one of the weekly blooms at Creative Blooms in the CINQKI form:


brush winter’s

cobwebs into

skeins of spun memories

new thread
My other cinqkis were:
Clients call
Eye-catching fashion
Mysteries mined ‘til clear
Hump day
Uh oh
Bunny bumps jar
Rolls out as candy egg
Prompt: "Back to Square One: To use 3 lines from an old poem to rewrite a new poem. I rewrote one of Jolene's poems which I published here years ago. As I wrote it, it reminded me of the promise in Isaiah about turning ashes into beauty. Then I read my first-ever published book, Romanian Rhapsody, for the first time ever since publication, (more on that on Thursday). In it, I refer to the same verse. God was shouting, pay attention!
In dire need she called out to You
Her life, like ashes in the wind,
Blown away where none could see
Leaving behind a hole that could be filled
No laborers to refill the emptied soul
No miracle-workers to resurrect the ashes
No master artist to restore the original design
Until. . .
You answered
The One who walked on water stilled her raging sea.
Filled her with joy and dressed her with praise
Crafted a crown from ashes
Centerpiece of Your grace
Form: Than-Bauk

Kiss and Tell?

Can’t kiss and tell

If I yell, your

lips fell on mine

To Spring:
April showers

May flowers bring

To spur spring’s joy
Prompt: Connection between color and emotions
My World is Blue

In winter-time, earth and sky lend ice

Not enough hours to entice

Blue when weather’s vice

Gives white prize


Equinox pours blue to each day’s slice

Teasing us with spring’s advice

Sky and field, so nice

So precise


Heaven is gold with rainbow’s allspice

Azures, sapphires, beyond price

Only sacrifice



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