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Sunday, April 28, 2013


Ah, the life of a professional writer.  If ever I complain, my pre-published friends remind me how blessed I am to have these kinds of problems.

This past week I survived an attack of questioning my calling to write. I know I can write. I know people read my books. Enjoy them. I have met so many new people as a writer, and they are treasures. But has my writing made a difference? Only God can measure that, and He reminded me through my own words in my blogs at of His pleasure in my writing.

You see, writing is just plain work, and like any job, I have to show up. And lately, the days I feel 100% are fewer and far between. I spent Easter week in the hospital with a bowel obstruction and ever since, I have been battling terrible allergies that resulted in a busted ear drums and a chest-wracking cough. (and yes, I'm on medicine for both.)

In the words of a writing colleague . . . I like having written better than writing itself.

May will be a busy writing month.  Coming up:
  • I have a manuscript due to the editor on June 1st. I'm not in bad shape (almost 2/3rds of the way through the rough draft) but neither have I done as many edits as I could like.
  • I have to do a lengthy, complicated art fact sheet for the cover of the book that is due June 1st.
  • I have to come up with  5-15 alternate titles since they don't like my original one (Madame Mayor.)
  • I have an appointment with an editor, to propose a book for the Love Inspired Historical line. I would really like to write for LIH and so this is scary and important to me.
  • I am selfpublishing my first ebook, Barncastle Memorial, and I'm figuring out the process.
  • I have two other books coming out in May: Hidden Dreams and Texas Brides
  • New publications mean lots of blog vsits and promotions.
So. . . pray for those of us who write. Pray for stamina and encouragement. Pray that we will write
when times are good and when times are bad. Pray that we will take comfort in knowing the contracts God gives us are the ones we are meant to write and to not envy those who have the opportunities we want instead.

In other words - pray that we will treat writing like a job, one we are called, gifted, and privileged to work at.

P.S. Microwave Society was supposed to go on My Daily Nibble blog but I stuck it here instead. I've fixed it, but decided to leave it here as well.

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Jennifer said...

Praying for your health to even out and your strength to increase...