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Sunday, February 24, 2013


One of the recent popular reality shows is The Voice, where professional musicians choose teams based solely on listening to someone sing, without seeing the performer.

I thought about that show when this morning I read that Moses heard "the Voice" when he entered the Tent of Meeting.

With God, we hear His voice while He remains sight unseen. But, oh, what a Voice.

He spoke the worlds into existence.

His Voice can shake the mountains and roar like a waterfall.

At other times it is so quiet that we have to strain to hear it.

But the point of a voice at all is to be heard. 

God speaks, expecting us to listen and obey.

He also speaks, wanting to communicate. Communication is a two-way street; He wants to chat with us.

Jesus said that His sheep know His voice. He expects us to recognize His voice out of the cacophony of sounds competing for our attention.

As an author, I pray that my words are an echo of that Voice.

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