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Sunday, February 17, 2013


This is a hard weekend. I've been reprimanded, sharply, twice. I won't go into why--the corrections were accurate and timely--and they hurt. (general subjects: self-centeredness, financial management, health)

And I'm a people person who wants people to like me, so it hurts doubly well.

Perhaps God was preparing me all along when I looked up the meaning of "treat" (in my other blog, and found "deal with medically or surgically."  I said that part of treating someone as holy includes intervention in the case of sin.

I didn't expect to experience the sharp edge of intervention myself. Wasn't that message meant for somebody else?

Apparently not.

This has also been a good week. I have edited the first chapter to The Blessing Factor and feel good about it. I am pleased with the job I did in writing Calico Brides (I've proofed the galleys of three of the four novellas so far).  And. . . drum roll please . . . I have a green light to submit a six-book proposal!

Oh, and Ray and I were on the ballot for Valentine's Day king and queen--a first for me! A lovely couple who have been married for sixty-seven years won.

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