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Sunday, January 13, 2013


Did  you have fun with my picture puzzle last week? I did!

The pictures for are for the proposed cover art for my upcoming historical romance, Golden Dreams. The teaser for the book reads "He won't let love end her figure skating dreams the way an accident shattered his. Will their quest for Olympic victory stand in the way of true love?"

Got it yet? No?

Who is she? Several people identified the picture as Sonja Henie. True, but I meant the character in the story. She is a figure skater, an Olympic hopeful. Amada, thanks for going the extra mile, guessing at a fabulous skater, outgoing, strong, but with trust issues.  (You pretty much nailed Winnie on the head!)

Who is he?  This one was a lot harder to guess, I admit, but a few of you came close.  They are not skating partners; rather, he is her coach. So those who said dancing partner, sweetheart or  fellow Olympic hopeful (he would have competed in 1928 except for a career-ending injury) get credit.

Where is it? The Olympic venue is Lake Placid, New York. The building is a grist mill, which in the story has been converted into an indoor ice skating rink. The story takes place in Vermont. (no one guessed Vermont, but that was hard, I'll admit)

When is it? This answer could have been clear to the observant reader. A couple of clues existed to this: the dress pattern, the years Sonja Henie reigned on the ice, the dates of the Lake Placid Olympics--this is during the 1930s, specifically, 1931-1932.

**There are five winners from last week, out of 55 "chances" earned: Connie R., Nutty Artist, Cheryl, Kay M., and Amada. If you do not receive an email from me, please contact me at belovedfranklin (at) hotmail (dot) com.**

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Anonymous said...

It wonderful seeing God's light shining through you. Especially when your life is hard. you just friended me on facebook Thank You

I have seen God's light shining through Dee Henderson's books
I have viewed both of your blogs.
God bless you
Chris Granville

Darlene Franklin said...


I hope you see you comments now. Thank you so much for stopping by and your kind comments!

The puzzle contest ended some time ago . . . but keep stopping by! I give away one book for every 5 comments in a week.