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Sunday, August 19, 2012


I can summarize my frustrations in living at the nursing home with one word: TIME.

I'm supposed raise my feet, to sit in my recliner with my legs up, several times throughout the day. I must do it, for my health. I try to do it. I would do it more often. . .except for the problem of time.

Because, you see, when I try to stretch out for half an hour, I end up losing two hours of work time. I wait for someone to bring me back to my room. Then I wait for someone to take me back. And if that happens during meal times or shift change. . .I wait my turn. If I need to take a pain pill in the middle of it. . . even more time.

I have the same problem when I want to get up . . . go to bed. . .I always have to wait. I am at the mercy of the people who need to help me.

What are my options?

  • I can stay in my room, either with my feet up (to rest) or down (to work). The problem is, my room is the coldest in the building. They've tried adjusting my air conditioning vent, but it remains horribly cold. So working in there really isn't practical.
  • I not stretch out. But since I'm in the nursing home to improve my health, that would be foolish.
  • I can continue to rant and rave about spending so much time waiting.
  • I can find a profitable way to use the time I'm waiting. (Heaven forbid, should I pray?)
In essence, I guess I'm saying the Serenity prayer to myself.  God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change. . .like nurses' schedules. . . the courage the change the things I can . . .like working in my icebox of a room. . .the wisdom to know the difference. . .changing my attitude.

I don't want to change my attitude. I want them to cooperate, to some extent, at least, with my schedule. But that isn't realistic. 

What things eat away at your time? If you apply the test of the Serenity prayer (what can you change? what can't you change? and how can you tell the difference?), how might things change?

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Barb said...

Hi Darlene,
I'm finding it hard, as well, to make time for writing. As you know, I live on a farm. this is the busiest time of the year, and of course, unexpected things pop up all the time. Just recently, it dawned on me that times I have to bale hay, irrigate, mow lawn, and other things necessary to keep things going, are special times I can be "scheming" plots, characters, adding new twists, etc. I actually do better using those times plotting than when I'm at the computer. When I get back to a notepad or the laptop, I can't wait to get those ideas on paper! Another thing I do is use those times to pray for others. It takes my mind off myself and my needs, putting the emphasis somewhere else. I certainly realize my situation is different than yours, but hope this helps.

Darlene Franklin said...

Barb: Good points! Thanks for sharing.

Dana Wilkerson Spille said...

When I read the Serenity prayer it reminds me that when I pray for and with people I know what God is wanting them to do and when they are not doing it as fast as I think they should I have to take steps back and say ok during this time of waiting for them to do what they need I have to pray for myself to know that God is still working on me too and what I need to do and learn with my walk with Him . Some Christian have to stand in the gap and suffer so others may learn .I do wish some would learn alittle faster than they are . lol Blessings

Darlene Franklin said...

Dana, good points. I have thought of that as I see my son struggling with this transition in my life, almost more than I am. And to know that this passage teaches him as well as teaching me. . .

Avery Cove said...

Finding time--I have to make myself comply! I work full-time and I'm still in school (a forever student). The only way I get writing and other work done is make a list--otherwise I'm overwhelmed and do nothing.
Hope & pray you get well soon!

Robin Patchen said...

Wise words, Darlene, and so hard to follow. Why doesn't everyone just conform to our needs? My life would be so much easier. But oh yeah,I'm supposed to be a slave of Christ! So maybe that means it's not about me.

Hmm, words to ponder.

Thanks for the great post, Darlene. Praying for you always.

Darlene Franklin said...

avery, I'm unsure how to reach you if you win. . . You sound super busy. Robin, a slave of Christ? Does that mean we're a slave to everyone else, lol?

Keli Gwyn said...

Darlene, I hope your time in the nursing home is helping--despite the waiting you have to do--and that each day brings progress.

Waiting can be a real challenge. What I try to do is keep busy so I don't waste that time. Doing so helps me move forward and helps me take my focus off the hoped for news or event.

Congratulations on your release!

Darlene Franklin said...

Kelli, my problem is that my room is so cold I have to wrap myself in blankets so I can't really do much. Sigh. Anything that involves more than pure mental power, that is!

Keli Gwyn said...

I feel for you, Darlene. I don't do cold well. Since they can't seem to fix the AC, I wonder if they'd be willing to bring in a small space heater for you.

Karla said...

It's difficult when you aren't in control of your time...its one of those basic those things you need to feel free & effective. I really appreciate how you brought the Serenity Prayer to this. God is, after all, the author of time and all things in it. It feels like courageous faith to me!