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Sunday, August 12, 2012


This week I've been reading about Isaac, Jacob, Esau, and "the blessing." The devotionals in the Bible mentioned how to respond once you know what God's will is for your future. Among the words used were "prepare" and "sacrifice."

Well,  I spent fourteen years preparing before my first book came out, and these past few months, I've found it difficult to write anything but I still finished the two contracted manuscripts for August.

Yesterday I was rewarded with the arrival of my latest published book: A Bride's Rogue in Roma, Texas.  It should be released publicly on September 1st. Woo hoo!

But thinking of fourteen years made me think of someone else who served fourteen years to receive  his dream: Jacob. Seven years for Leah and seven more for Rachel. I feel like I'm in pretty good company. Jacob didn't always make good choices, or the best choices, and unlike his grandfather, needed to grow in his faith. But in the end he became a spiritual giant, able to wrestle with God and receive a blessing. He thought he lost a son, his beloved son Joseph, to death, for two decades. He's also the one who taught me to treasure Jaran and not to make him feel like my mother's love was stunted because I lost Jolene. . .no wonder I identify with this man.

This week I am offering a copy of A Bride's Rogue to one lucky reader. Please leave your email address or some way to reach you in your comment.

In A Bride's Rogue, a proper Victorian maiden inherits a steamboat from the father she never met--along with the resident gambler.


Patricia said...

I would love to win a copy A Bride's Rogue. I don't this I would like to inherit a gambler unless he was really lucky!


Dana Wilkerson Spille said...

Sounds like this would be a really good book to read .Thanks ,Dana Spille

Ruthie said...

I've so enjoyed all your books, Darlene...and this one looks so interesting by the picture on the cover. Been following you on FaceBook...but not getting to my blog very often. Blessings.

Ladette Kerr said...

Sounds like a great read!! Thanks for the giveaway, you are a "new-to-me" author!! I'll be checking out your books. :)


cgoodall said...

A Bride's Rogue looks to be a wonderful read & I would love to receive a free copy!