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Sunday, June 24, 2012


Talia my cat is stretched out on the couch, resting comfortably in the same point my friend sat, soaking up the residual warmth and her smell. A simple, ordinary activity. But precious. . .

You see, Talia had disappeared last week. As far as I can guess, she escaped while my aide was hanging laundry on the clothesline. It wasn't the first time. Before too long, she appears at the door, meowing until she got my attention.

But this time, one day went by . . . then two . . . soon a week had passed. I didn't know if someone had taken her in or . . .if she had been in an accident. I thought I had lost my nine-year companion for good.

Every cry of a cat. . .every sighting of a gray cat. . .had my friend chasing to see if it could be Talia. No sign of her.

Then Thursday night, we heard cries from the front porch. Talia! She dashed in, checked her food and water bowls. She appeared unharmed.

She did spend the night telling me her story. Unfortunately, I'm not fluent in Cat and so I still don't know what happened during her Grand Adventure.

Talia is my own personal sparrow, sent from God to remind me that if He watches over fallen birds and stray cats, He certainly will take care of me.

P.S. God also has a heart for orphans, the central theme  my proposal titled Surviving Winter. In choosing the eastern Colorado setting for the story, what better place than Huerfano County?! (Huerfano means orphan). Another one of God's happy coincidences! The thought gives me courage in submitting this new Christmas proposal.

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