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Sunday, May 20, 2012


You may have seen the poster hanging in your doctor's office: a straight line numbered from 1 to 10. Under "1" is a big smiling face. "No pain." By the time you get to five, the smile has flattened out. Some pain is bearable. 10 is, of course, a full fledged frown, with tears.

And then the doctor's questions. How would you describe the pain? Sharp? throbbing? aching?

You could say that pain and I have become well acquainted over the past year.

So have I been in pain this past week? Of course. At times, scream-out-loud pain.

For the most part, though, it's been the throbbing pain of stiff muscles finally getting a workout. Not the sharp pain that kept me from using my right arm for weeks. With my therapist's help, I have made it first of all out of bed and finally, on Friday, all the way from my bed to the living room. And I've been out of the house twice for appointments. How intoxicating fresh air feels on my skin!

So I am rejoicing! 

Also good news on the writing front. I received the contract for a novella, Angel in Disguise, to be published in Texas Brides Collection. Another editor has asked for additional information on another proposal; and my book Plainsong was featured on a letter from the new Heartsong editor to all previous Heartsong authors.

This morning, one television pastor said, "Grace is when God comes to you before you know you need Him. He's helping you before you need help."  Talking about the post-resurrection appearance of Jesus in John 21, when He comes to the disciples who have gone fishing. If we are open, God will take us from where we are (a catch of nothing) to where He wants us to be (world-changers, in the case of those disciples).

This week I felt like God picked me up where I was and pulled me forward. And I am grateful beyond words.

Stiff muscles, screaming pain, and all.

***For those who left a comment last week. . .I believe you all have my email address.  Contact me, I'd love to send you a book.***

P.S. For those who left a comment the week before last, I expect to send all your books this week. A few people didn't leave me an email address to respond to, or haven't supplied a mailing address. If that is your case, please leave that again this week.


Anonymous said...

Is there any chance left to win A Ranger's Trail? I jumped into that series right away when it started out, and then hit a stall. I would love to have a copy of your book more than anything!

Susan Manchester
Jacksonville, FL

Anonymous said...

Susan: That ended on Saturday. However, if you leave a message on this week's post, and I have 5 comments, you may have another chance.

Darlene Franklin said...

oh, that isn't "anonymous," it's me, Darlene