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Sunday, March 11, 2012


Although this won't post until Sunday night, I am writing on Thursday.

When I requested a good friend to pray for new contracts for me, she challenged me to be specific. "I need a contract for (name of book) for (amount of money) from (publisher) by (date)."

Gulp. When I pray a generic prayer, I'm playing it safe. If I'm specific I'm faced with the possibility of disappointment. What if God says "no"? Is the problem with my faith?

That's the personal backdrop behind my most recent insight to the epic story of Genesis.

We all know the familiar words of Genesis 15:6. "Abram believed the LORD, and he credited it to him as righteousness." Abraham exemplifies salvtion by faith and not by works.

Abraham believed it, that settled it, and that was that.

Only it wasn't.

Only two verses later, Abraham asks God, "Sovereign LORD, how can I know . . .?"

What? You mean to say that this giant of faith dared to ask God "Uh, God, do You mean what I think you said? How can I know for sure?"

God gave Abraham specific instructions on making a sacrifice, and God confirmed His covenant with him by walking between the two halves of the sacrifice. God didn't rebuke Abraham for asking confirmation, didn't berate him for his lack of faith.

The two sides of our faith are laid out side by side. Belief without proof. Belief asking for confirmation. But both are faith.

If I remember, I will update this post before Sunday to let you know how God answered my specific prayer. But Abraham's story allows me to relax, to know that I haven't disappointed God by asking. Thank You, God!

P.S. Sunday update: God gave me a "no" on hearing from my several book proposals. The good news is that all are still under active consideration. What I learned in the process was as important as entering the contest!


Darlene Franklin said...

Amen and Amen! Thank you, Darlenem for sharing your process. I think this is something every Christian struggles with . . . you've brought a great and blessed truth!

Posted by Karla to Darlene Franklin at March 11, 2012 8:32 PM

KristeNicole said...

It's exactly what I'm stuggling with and it's exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you!

Kameko said...

Praying for something so specific for myself can be intimidating. I've prayed for something specific for a loved one before but to do so for myself is hard. Generic seems to be the route to go as it doesn't seem to set you up for disappointment if God's answer is "no." But then I have to think that if my faith in God is strong even a "no" answer has to work because that means what I asked for was not in His master plan for my life. To follow His plan for me is what I really want.


Darlene Franklin said...

Beverly,you hit the nail on the head with your summary! Karla, Kristie, thank you so much for your comments.

Teela said...

Darlene, I tried to find a place to send you a Message (semi-private)...I was the winner of your Maple Notch Brides from TheBookLoft giveaway, but I never rec'd. your book. I contacted them twice to let them know. I read alot, and my hubby is a pastor and we're got a small congregation w/a tiny library, but I'm trying to build it up and put my books there after I read them. also, I'm an OKIE, born in Shawnee went to ECU.
Wish I'd known you when we worked at Kingspark Baptist in OKC back in 2005=ish... Blessings, Teela Young

Darlene Franklin said...

Teela, I'm so sorry! I thought I had t aken care of all my book giveaways. Please send an email (mentioning the book, Maple Notch Brides) to me at belovedfranklin(at)beloved(dot)com.

Holly Bryant said...

The Bible studies I've been involved with this year have all been about faith and about obedience. I love how the Lord knows when my faith is weak and how He calls me closer. Then, He enables me to obey Him with the confidence I thought was lost. I'm so glad He is so patient with me, time and time again!