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Sunday, February 19, 2012


No, my daughter-in-law isn't pregnant. I'm talking about my latest book release, A Ranger's Trail.

River North Fiction (Moody) has done ana amazing job promoting the book. This week I've seen several things that made me smile.

Biggest news: The Christian Retailing magazine featured the Texas Trail series in an article on historical fiction. There was my book cover, with one by the Thoenes! There was a quote from co-author Susan Page Davis together with one from Tracie Peterson! We're hoping it will catch the eyes of bookstores and renew interest in carrying all six books.

Reviews of A Ranger's Trail are starting to come in. I had to love the down-home feel from this review: "Ah shucks being a native of that area makes me real proud of Darlene Franklin for being such a great author. Get this book, you will be a better person for doing so." And other, longer reviews that pointed out so many things I built into the story.

This is the fun part of being an author (provided the book isn't panned by everyone, LOL.) Come party with me!

Congrats to KAMEKO, last week's winner of Love's Raid. Leave comments again this week for a chance to win Plainsong, a contemporary Colorado romance that takes places in my beloved Denver.


Kameko said...

Wonderful news about the Texas Trails series being in the magazine - congratulations to all of you.

I'm thrilled to be last week's winner and eagerly awaiting the arrival of Love's Raid to start reading.

Blessings to you,


Lois said...

I am reading one of your books for the first time. Imagine how surprised I was to read my great-grandmother's first husband's name! Not long after Henry Doell's death, my ggmother married Herman Thiers. My grandmother, Ida, was one of several children they had. This family has quite a history!! Fodder for many books!! One quick story. Herman lost the Doell/Thiers ranch to a woman banker in a poker game. Mrs. Martin gained more than one ranch that way. Her family still owns the Doell/Thiers land and the original house my grandmother was born in still stands. What a wonderful time and place in history!

Darlene Franklin said...

Lois: You mean the person I mention in Ranger's Trail? Gulp. Apparently I didn't ruffle your feathers. Thanks for getting in touch!