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Sunday, February 5, 2012


I am in that marvelous state of euphoria that comes upon a writer after they have turned in a manuscript (two, actually). I'm enjoying the freedom, the relief from having to work. God added an extra measure of grace, that my book that was supposed to be due on March 1st has been pushed back to August.

Eventually, I will return to earth and panic will set in. After two years of contracts lined up back to back, I have none after this next contract. It's time for another contract . . . or two or three.

So pray with me as I wait for word on the two proposals I have in . . . and as I brainstorm, develop ideas, and write sample chapters.


Anonymous said...

Are the Spyglass Lane publishers going to be doing your remaining book in the Dressed for Death Mystery series? I REALLY, REALLY hope so!

Susan Manchester
Jacksonville, FL

Kameko said...

Praying that God will give you inspiration so you can't help but obtain all the contracts you need!

I am loving "A Ranger's Trail" - it is fantastic!



Mary said...

Praying, Darlene.