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Sunday, December 11, 2011


I watched a lot of sitcoms growing up. I remember I Dream of Jeannie, Beverly Hillbillies, and All in the Family with great fondness.

At some point I stopped watched sitcoms (except in reruns, as fill in shows!) I'm not sure why. I still like dramedies . . .I'm a huge fan of Monk (Tony Shaloub is nothing short of brilliant!) and Psych and the "character" driven shows on USA. I love Simon Baker as Patrick Jayne in The Mentalist.

This season, the previews for New Girl intrigued me, so I tried it out. Tuned out after ten minutes.

Watched the entire premiere of Last Man Standing and an episode from Up All Night. I enjoyed both very much, although I haven't added them to my regular viewing habits.

I have, in those half-hour bits and pieces, also seen episodes of Seinfeld, New Adventures of Old Christine, Two and a Half Men, Frasier, even the dreaful That Seventies Show.

I think what it comes down to: I find most sitcoms unbelievable. The characters are often stereotypes; but so is Tim Allen in Last Man Standing and so certainly were all four main characters on All in the Family. Yet those actors--and the writers behind them--took the steoreotypes to a place where I could relate.

Or is it the aspect of family sitcoms? I can identify with parents raising teenagers, or even Christina Applegate's turn as a harried working mom with an infant at home. I understand the characters.

Or is it I don't want to laugh at something I find inherently distasteful--the sexual antics that abound in That Seventies Show or Two and a Half Men?

I'm not a New Yorker . . . or a young single adult . . . I don't have much in common with Seinfeld or Friends.

Am I just "humor-challenged," as I have described myself? Narrow interests? Or does the writing and acting make all the difference between what I like or don't like?

Probably a combination of all three.


Here is the cover for A Bride's Rogue in Roma, Texas, due out from Barbour next fall:

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Kameko said...

I enjoyed your "ramblings." My tastes in shows has varied over the years, with me watching less TV this year than ever before. There is just something about the new shows that I don't find interesting. Be it the writers or their content, they just don't hold my interest. I've stayed with "old" favorites - CSI:NY, Criminal Minds, Bones, the original CSI and Big Bang Theory. I occasionally watch Mike and Molly, but have lost a little interest in it this season. I use to watch The Mentalist but for some reason, I couldn't get into the series this season.