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Monday, December 19, 2011


Saturday I celebrated a first: I had my son and his family over to my house, and we had a birthday party for Jordan. (Where have three years gone?!)

Jordan felt it was necessary to introduce me to everyone, as if I didn't know Savannah or Shannon. She didn't mention Isaiah's name. And she proudly announced her own full name, Jordan Elizabeth Franklin. (Another J.E.F., just like my beloved Jolene Elizabeth). She showed me her backpack and couldn't wait to take her place (by me, of course) at the princess-themed table. (She LOVES the princesses).

I bought enough of Pizza Hut's meaty marinara and chicken alfredo for 6-8 people, and we cleaned most of it up. When Jaran told me Shannon thought she wouldn't like either dish, we both grinned at her three helpings of alfredo. My aide bought letter candles that spelled "Happy Birthday" (since the store wouldn't decorate the cake for us). Only problem was the first candle was almost half gone before the last candle was lit . . .

Jaran slipped in the DVD for Neverending Story (how wonderful to watch my grandbabies enjoy the same movies I first discovered with my own babies). When the horse died, I pretended to cry. Jordan took one look at me and said "Oh, Grandma." She was rolling her eyes at me . . .

I recorded a book for Jordan while she was there. Jaran told me that as soon as they got home, she took out that book and listened to it over and over, and called Isaiah over. "Bubba! It's Grandma!"

Even Talia took part in the festivities, staying with the seven of us in the living room, retreating to her "safe spot" between four chair legs when Isaiah got too close. It's fun to watch Jordan protecting Isaiah.

Precious memories. Hannukah starts tomorrow evening. More to come . . .

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Kameko said...

You are truly blessed and as wonderful a grandmother as you are a mother! I'm so thankful you have your family close to you.