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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Memorial Day

Growing up in Maine (and visiting my parents on the coast as an adult), Memorial Day meant one thing: the beginning of the summer season (which ends on Labor Day).

Here in the "heartland," Memorial Day is a big deal. Patriotism, Mom and apple pie are all rolled together, and we are reminded, as we ought to be, of the sacrifice men and women have made--continue to make--in defense of the freedom I enjoy.

My thoughts run to Memorial Day three years ago, when during the service, they listed the names of everyone in the church body who had died during the past twelve months. Last on the list: Jolene Elizabeth Franklin. Oh, Jolene. But it's more of a mosquito bite than a snake's venom. A mild annoyance. Instead, I thank God that my family--going back to my grandfather's service in World War I, my uncle's service in World War II, my father in the Korean war, my ex-husband during the VietNam era--all of them came through, unhurt. Neither I nor my children would be here today if they had fallen. At least not the "me" I am.

Because of the drama inherent in war, all of my historical novels have strong ties to war. Wow, I just realized that.

  • Revolutionary War: In Prodigal Patriot, Josiah Tuttle is torn between honoring his (Tory) Father and following his conscience in support of the revolution.

  • War of 1812: Both Calvin Tuttle (Bridge to Love) and Sam Hathaway (Beacon of Love) are veterans of the war and carry scars.

  • Civil War: Daniel Tuttle (Love's Raid) lost his arm in battle and feels less than a man.

  • Texas' War for Independence and the War with Mexico form the backdrop for the upcoming Lone Star Trail.

  • And lastly, the Mason County War, an ugly ethnic/range war, is at the heart of my current WIP, A Ranger's Trail.

At least I have avoided the wars in my novellas . . .

Thank you, to all who have served and given their all in defense of our country.

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