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Monday, November 15, 2010


What connects my granddaughter's latest trick with this morning's sermon on church leadership as well as my blog appearance at this coming week?

Love, pure but never simple, love shown by words and deeds.

First of all, darling Jordan. She was running a bit of a fever, but even so, the ever active toddler surprised me by climbing into my lap for a good long cuddle. Next she settled next to her mother and asked her to read
Runaway Bunny by Margaret Wise Brown. In the book,a baby bunny threatens to runaway. But every place he plans to go, his mother tells him how she will follow (if you're a sailboat, I'll be the wind that blows you ...) And when my dil asked, "who's the baby bunny?" Jordan pointed to herself with delight.

But while that was sweet (if you haven't read the book for any preschoolers in your house, get a copy!), something else made me giggle. My son held his wife's feet in his lap, lovingly rubbing the soles. He has told me before how much she appreciates it.

Jordan laid down next to her mother and put her feet in her lap--asking to have them rubbed. She wanted that extra show of love as well. She's catching on to love in action.

This morning our pastor preached about church leadership for the third Sunday in a row (as we head into the season where elders and deacons are elected). He opened the Bible to Acts 20, to the chapter where Paul says goodbye to the elders at Ephesus. Everyone is hugging and crying. " What grieved them most was his statement that they would never see his face again." (v. 38) Church elders must love the Lord and His church so much that nothing else is worth a plug nickel.

Starting at midnight tonight, for a week, I will be the guest at the blog Encourage an Author. Casey Herringshaw created a blog for authors to receive some much needed encouragement. What a beautiful ministry! And I look forward to coming week. I know God will bring just the encouragement I need. (And yes, please do stop by once or several times! Even if there is no book giveaway.)

Now how can I pay love forward? God is enveloping me in His loving arms.

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Kameko said...

I'm a little late in writing, but I did read your post last week and was very inspired by it. i had a mental picture of you with your granddaughter in your lap, as well as your son and daughter-in-law while he rubbed her feet, then the precious little one wanting her feet rubbed also. It is so heartwarming when I see or hear of "love in action."

I pray that tomorrow will be a better day for you and that our Heavenly Father will continue to bless not only your writings but your entire life and family.

Many blessings,

Darlene Franklin said...

It was heartwarming to see, Beverly. My precious little ones.