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Wednesday, November 3, 2010


I confess, I just don't get it.

A year and a half has passed since I moved from Colorado to Oklahoma. I have listened to the recent election coverage with great interest and a certain sense of disbelief. I'm a reasonably intelligent person, but their reasons for running confounded me.

People campaigning for judge ran numerous radio ads. For a judge? Interesting, informative information--but they weren't running for a statewide office.

One candidate said illegal immigration was the greatest problem facing Oklahoma. Huh? We're not even a border state.

Candidate after candidate listed their heartfelt beliefs ... and I only agreed with a few. I feel like I've moved to a different country, where I don't quite "get" the local culture. I met a mechanic who can't wait to move out to the country where he can have all the guns he wants. (Yes, I'm exagerrating. It's called hyperbole.)

I rest in the knowledge that the people elected are allowed in their positions by the Lord. And pray for them, whatever their stripe.

Jari Askins, Democratic candidate in Oklahoma's historic all-female gubernatorial race, gave a gracious concession speech. Her belief in the people of Oklahoma and her commitment to continue service, regardless of the political affiliation of the office holders, made an impression on me. "I may be leaving this office [lieutenant governor] on inauguration day, but I will not be leaving Oklahoma behind."

I can feel your heartbeat, Oklahoma, even when I don't understand. The Heartland of America is a great place to live.

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