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Sunday, August 29, 2010


I go to a Spanish group on Monday nights. We're an informal group, grown by word of mouth. People who want to practice speaking Spanish gather for dinner and conversation.

I'm part of the single largest contingent within the group (thanks to my friend Nancy whom I've mentioned earlier): Nancy, me, our pastor, and a lady who grew up in Mexico. Maggie is a very patient teacher with all our mistakes and mispronunciations. Students, teachers, and tourists round out the group.

Last Monday, Maggie insisted I tell her the story of my novella, The Face of Mary "en EspaƱol": La Cara de Maria. So by the time I arrived at the restaurant, my Spanish pump was primed. We chatter, loudly, enthusiastically, full of laughter and humor, with lots of appeals to a dictionary or to Maggie. We sense the people around us listening to our conversation. We have to remember to switch back to English for the staff, none of whom speak Spanish.

By the time we depart, we are in Spanish mode and only slow slip back into English. For a few short hours, I leave Oklahoma City behind and travel in my mind and heart to Mexico.

This week my poor critique partner made the mistake of choosing a Mexican character. She knows French, but her knowledge of Spanish is about the same as my level of French: next to nothing. For instance, she gave Patrillo a nickname of "Trill." I said, "His name would be pronounced pah-TREE-yo." And so on.

Occasionally we hear rumors of heaven the same way. We visit among people where we catch a glimpse of the sounds and images and feelings of heaven. We have a "mountain top" experience.

When we return to the real world--let's hold on to those echoes of heaven in our hearts.

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Kameko said...

In my mind's eye, I can just see all of you sitting around your table in the restaurant speaking Spanish and having a grand time! I love the comparison that you made to the glimpse of heaven that we on earth are sometimes granted. They are few and far between it seems and we don't hold onto those treasured "rumors of another land" as we should. I thank you for the reminder to do so as I go about my daily life.

Blessing to you, dear friend~

Leah said...

WOW that sounds so fun!!!
I wish i knew Spanish better.
I've been trying to learn for years but i never can! I guess it just another thing i'll wait to learn until Heaven, unless i marry someone who speaks it!!:)

Carla Gade said...

How wonderful that you are learning Spanish!

Echoes of heaven...precious!