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Friday, August 6, 2010


This month it is my pleasure to interview MaryLu Tyndall, a fellow Barbour author, sea lover, and Christian writer. Please join me in welcoming her to my blog.

1. Tell me more about your latest release, Surrender the Heart.

Surrender the Heart is the first book in a trilogy set in Baltimore during the War of 1812. Each book follows the adventures of three Baltimore women who find love and destiny amidst the war, and in the process discover the three main things that keep God’s children from their true destinies in Him.

In the first book, Marianne Denton must marry to unlock her inheritance. Without the money, her mother can’t receive medical care and her sister will be destitute. Defying his father’s wishes, Noah loathes the idea of marrying a woman he finds plain and pompous. Marianne wants nothing to do with the rogue who taunted her as a child, yet she must convince him otherwise or her mother will die. But when Noah walks out on their engagement party, Marianne chases him down and ends up on his merchantman out at sea. Marianne and Noah are forced to face their darkest fears as they desperately try to find a way to escape and fulfill their destinies—destinies that could change the course of the war and history forever

2. When I went to your website, familiar ocean sounds made me feel homesick. Do you live near the ocean? Why do you use that as a theme for your web presence?

I grew up in South Florida where I fell in love with the sea and the tropics. There’s nothing more soothing to me than the sound of waves lapping against the sand. Many a summer you could find me snorkeling just off shore, exploring the reefs and gazing at all the fish. Of course the history lover in me combined my love of the sea with tales of tall ships that explored and often plundered the new world. The first trilogy I ever wrote was a series about Christian pirates in 17th century Caribbean. Most of my books have at last one scene in them that takes place out at sea.

3. The three books in your Surrender to Destiny series take place during the war of 1812. What drew you to that time period? What specifically inspired the story for Surrender the Heart?

I saw a PBS documentary on the War of 1812 and I was awestruck. I never remembered learning about the war in school and I found it fascinating. It is often labeled the 2nd Revolutionary War because Britain was dead set on reacquiring the American colonies back as their own! Much of the war took place out at sea, which of course inspired me. There are many themes running through Surrender the Heart, but the major one revolves around finding God’s destiny for your life. The heroine in the story is a rather plain and untalented woman who doesn’t think she’ll ever do anything important. Yet God uses her to save her country and
change the course of history. My goal with this book is to show that God can use anyone to do great things if we just submit to Him and believe!

4. What has been your most satisfactory experience as a writer?

Fan mail from readers who have been blessed by reading my books. The ones that have really impacted me are the readers who say my stories have brought them closer to God or helped them get through a particular problem. That is why I write. Not for the fanfare or fame, and certainly not for the money. LOL. But I write to glorify God and hopefully open people’s eyes to see Him more clearly.

5. Julia Cameron talks about the concept of “artist dates” in her book, The Artist’s Way. What are some things you do to revitalize and reenergize your writer’s soul?

A long walk in the mountains behind my house, listening to music (I love music!), watching a great movie, praying, and going to the beach. Or maybe all of the above! Creativity can get often overtaxed and you need to get away and get recharged. It’s often during these times that I receive new stories from the Lord.

6. What can readers expect to see next from you? Where can they find you on the internet?

I have two more books coming out in the Surrender to Destiny series.
Surrender the Night (March 2011)
Amid the war of 1812, Baltimore farm girl Rose McGuire is rescued by the least likely of heroes—British Naval Lieutenant Alexander Reed. How will she keep this enemy officer hidden from her family and friends? Alex didn’t plan on getting shot while rescuing a maiden in distress. Now at her mercy, he wonders if Rose will turn him over to the Americans or if his own troops will find him and charge him with desertion. As their attraction grows, a British invasion of Washington DC begins. What role will these young lovers play to change the course of history forever?

Surrender the Dawn (August 2011).
The only way Cassandra Channing can provide for her younger siblings is to hire a privateer, captained by the rogue, Luke Heaton. Although Luke’s prizes provide much wealth for her family, Cassandra suspects foul play. Luke Heaton spends his nights drinking, carousing, and selling supplies to British ships just off the coast of Baltimore. When Cassandra catches on to his treasonous acts, he begins to have second thoughts. Secrets and dangers abound as the British fleet heads toward Baltimore and begin to bombard Fort McHenry. With the fate of their fledgling nation at stake, what destiny awaits this couple as they struggle to keep their faith, their lives, and their love?

You can find me at
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Debbie Mitchell said...

I don't know if this is the right place to enter the contest, but here I am. I am a 'true' fan of MaryLu's and I own all of her novels thus far. I would love to win her latest novel. Please enter me into the contest. Thank you and God bless. FYI, MaryLu's novels have given me a lot to think about in my daily walk with the Lord. She is definitely writing with the help of God.

Merry said...

MaryLu's books are touching and inspiring, I love following her characters spiritual and personal growth though their adventures. I'm looking forward to reading Surrender the Heart.

Leah said...

Thanks so much for posting this interview and for the chance to win!
I cant WAIT to read Surrender the Heart!

Susan Page Davis said...

Very nice interview. Thanks, Mary Lu. It was great to learn more about you and your books.

Michelle said...

Wonderful interview. It was great to read about the third book, something to look forward to. ;)

This is my first time visiting your blog, Darlene. It's very nice!

mchapman (at) windstream (dot) net

karenk said...

a fabulous posting/interview...looking forward to reading marylu's latest novel :)

kmkuka at yahoo dot com

kAtH said...

i really really want this book!

R&A Rog said...

I would love a chance to win MaryLu Tyndall's book. I love her writings. I have read 1 series already and can't wait to get my hands on another book of hers! Thank you for the chance to win!
mommaof_3k [at] yahoo [dot] com

Maureen said...

Please enter me in this giveaway...I Love MaryLu's books!

Jan Parrish said...

I was just looking for a good book to read. :) Sounds fabulous.

BTW - love the covers of your new books.

Megan said...

Thanks for interviewing M.L. Tyndall on here. I love her books and it looks like you both share some of the same passions. My e-mail is Megan S.

squiresj said...

Third attempt to enter this. Immagine my surprise when because of another blog, I end up here on yours with a favorite author of mine. I have her book "the Raven Saint" right here beside me and reading it. I am also writing reviews on two of other books before this one in series. She makes you want an adventure out on the open seas in boats of yester year. She has truly been a blessing to me this week as she has prayed for me as I faced tests.
So yes, enter me to win.
jrs362 at hotmail dot com

Angel said...

This book sounds fascinating! I am excited to learn it is centered around the war of 1812. I would love to win Surrender the Heart.

Theresa N. said...

Sounds really good, I'm thinking no Noah don't do that.
Theresa N

rae said...

I really love her books. Please enter me:

pauline said...

I can't wait to read this book. Thanks for the chance to win.

Anonymous said...

I'm a huge fan of MaryLu's books. I would love to read her newest title, Surrender the Heart.

Darlene Franklin said...

"Anonymous," you will need to leave contact information to be entered to win. I have no way to contact you. :)

Thanks for stopping by!

Maureen said...

I find the War of 1812 fascinating, don't remember much about it. I read a book recently that referenced it, and did some more research.
Pleases enter me.

barbjan10 said...

Not having read Marylu's writing before, I would be very happy to win her book and get to know her. I enjoy historical romance and this book is written about a favorite time period. Please add my name to the giveaway and thank you for the opportunity.

Grace in Jesus,
Barb Shelton
barbjan10 at tx dot rr dot com