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Monday, July 26, 2010


How quickly July has flown by!

I've spent a couple of days with my precious grandgirls this week. It was lovely to see Shannon imitating her mother with Jordan.

Jordan is entering the terrible two stage--in her own sweet way. "No" is her favorite word. And she's starting to do bad things ... like writing on the walls. The furniture. Their clothes. The TV screen ...

And by the way, Savannah said their mother gave up and covered the walls with paper when she reached that stage. Hmm ... sisters are alike!

So when Jordan tried it again, Shannon said "you need to go to time out for one minute."

Like any other child, she fussed and cried--but she stayed there.

Most precious word: Mom. Jordan called me "Mom" when she asked me for some of my salad. On Father's Day, I talked about Jordan's process of internalizing "Mom" as my name. (If "Mom" was good enough for Daddy, it was good enough for Jordan!)

Call me Mom anytime you want, Jordan. My heart will listen every time.

First review of The Prodigal Patriot is up at Kathleen made my day by saying "The writing disappeared and allowed a vivid story world to emerge. I was invested. . .This is a story about faith, endurance and prevailing love." Remember to leave a comment for your chance to win one of my books (or The Crimson Cypher by Susan Page Davis or Love Finds You in Calico, California by Elizabeth Ludwig). New contest begins on August 1st.


Anonymous said...

No grandkids here, but aunt sounds mighty good as "Mom" does from my son.


Rebecca Herman said...

great review, can't wait to read the book! (Not sure if the July contest is still going?)

rebecca191 at

Darlene Franklin said...

Rebecca, Yes, the July contest is still going (will end tomorrow). Any comments left after tomorrow will apply toward August drawings (even if made on a July post)

misskallie2000 said...

My grandaughter calls me "Grammie" and she is almost 16. My have the years gone by fast.

I remember my Dad saying my first words were No and Doggie. When I had my tonsillectomy at 17 months my Dad was walking the floor waiting for me to wake up and when I did he ask How do you feel? and I said No. My Dad said she's OK so we don't have to worry.
Pls enter me in the giveaway.

misskallie2000 at yahoo dot com