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Monday, June 21, 2010


... And the living ain't easy, all apologies to George Gershwin (and Fantasia, who reinterpreted the song!). At least if you don't like heat. But it's mid morning and I'm comfortable in my snug little study. I will let the the sweat-soaked afternoon take care of itself.

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The heat zaps me of any creative thought. Father's Day was yesterday. But I rarely saw my father, so it's always a touchy subject and not a day for celebration.

But yesterday was different.

Jaran invited me to join them for breakfast. I love seeing my son as "Dad." I love the ad for Verizon that says "Today you went from Dude to Dad" and shows the man taking the picture of his newborn son. A profound effect on any man. I've eaten with the family twice this week. What a delight to hear Jordan say "Dadadad." Even more surprising, when he called out "Mom!" she echoed him. (Forget Gramma if she wants to call me "mom" too!) When we ate with Shelley's mother, Jordan looked so confused. She pointed to her parents, and then to me, and then to "Omi." Omi I know and Gramma I know, but I never see you together! I wondered if yesterday was the start of understanding that I am her Dad's "mom" the way Shelley is her mother.

Then a friend invited me to go see a movie. We chose "Date Night" at the bargain theater. Too heavy on sexual references (warning), but hilarious and sweet and heartwarming about a couple falling in love again.

So a day I generally let slide by unnoticed went well, thanks to my Father above.


Carla Gade said...

I'm so glad that our Heavenly Father provided you with a pleasant day spent with family and a friend!

I've had much pain in the father department all around through the years. My now connection to my stepdad now is nothing short of a miracle. Yesterday was a very emotional day. I rejoiced with my husband and sons (we are together as a family for the 2nd time), grieved with my children and former stepchildren over their longing for their stepdad/dad, longed for a real relationship with my real father (so I share your pain, dear Darlene), and was suprised by such a difficult day yesterday which was very tearfilled for me, my family, and my stepdad as we shared Father's Day sentiments - a terribly hard day for him.

Thanking God that he can fill the pain filled gaps in our hearts with his balm.

Darlene Franklin said...

Oh, Carla, my heart aches with you. Such convoluted, difficult ties we have ...