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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Moving Woes

Yesterday I resisted whining about the problems I've had moving. Today I've had it. (So, no, I'm not always perky!) I know these are minor things, but do they all have to cause problems when moving?!

PROJECT: New phone line. PROBLEM: Phone line was disconnected twice before we resolved the problem. Without phone service for 3 days.

PROJECT: Get a disposable cell phone until land line was established. PROBLEM: The helpful sales person neglected to activate the phone. 10 P.M. on 2nd night of moving I'm running down to the local convenience store to use their phone.

PROJECT: Get appliances for house. PROBLEM ONE: Promised next day service turned into next week service. PROBLEM TWO: Refrigerator won't fit through doors. PROBLEM THREE: Three phone calls later, no answer in sight yet. No refrigerator.

PROJECT: Wash the clothes that piled up during the move. PROBLEM: After drying one load just fine, dryer won't even turn on for second load.

PROJECT: Get trash bins. PROBLEM: My own shortsightenedness ... bins are by side of house where I never go. And it took two phone calls to get that information.

PROJECT: Get address labels for my new address. PROBLEM: Labels lost in delivery.

PROJECT: Moved on a summer holiday weekend and it was Oklahoma-hot. PROBLEM: Air conditioning wasn't working.

And those are only the major nuisances ... I haven't mentioned the overhead light going out in the bedroom (the one place I really need it), the unassembled bunk beds, the ...

Feel free to share your moving horror stories!

And yes, you may win a book if you leave a comment on this pitiful post.


Carla Gade said...

Oh, Darlene!
When we moved to Maine I was driving the car with the roof top carrier which made from Massachusetts to almost Augusta, ME without a hitch until it fell off in the middle of the interstate and EVERYTHING went flying all over the place! We basically stopped traffic with this ordeal and some nice guys stopped to help me and my son and they put the carrier in the back of their SUV and drove it right to our new front door 25 miles away.

Darlene Franklin said...

Oh, wow, that makes my complaints seem petty.

grannyvon said...

I know how you feel I was on vacation one time and we had a suitcase come off the top on the interstate to New Orleans. It busted it up and clothes were strowed for miles. It was the girls clothes and they started right in about getting new clothes. They did, we went back and they jumped out and picked up everything. They were 13 and so embarreshed. I have many nightmare moving stories for I was a Air Force brat and we moved all the time.

CJ Heidemann said...

Years ago I moved to Alaska - I am back in Colorado now but that trip was a 12 day drive. It would have been 10 be we had the suspension spring break on our trailer in Wyoming which kept us 2 days for getting it fixed and on the road again....after that the rest of the trip was over snow and ice, looking back I am glad it broke in Wyoming where there was no snow or ice at the time (November). Hope everything improves for you. How did we ever survive without cell phones?

Darlene Franklin said...

CJ, I'm one of the last hold outs for cell phones. Now I've got a phone that I buy minutes as I go. So I'll have a phone to take with me on trips. :) Or when the phone goes out for whatever reason.

Digging for Pearls said...

Praying for you as you transition.

Please enter me in the book contest as well.


Susan Page Davis said...

At least you have a phone now. My husband got so fed up with the phone company when we moved 3 weeks ago that he decided we don't NEED a land line. Now I have to sit very still inside the house while talking on my (cell) phone. And don't ask me to fax you anything soon.

Darlene Franklin said...

I am very glad you are back online, at least, Susan! Between your move and mine, we lost touch for way too long. I felt very bereft!

Kameko said...

Oh Darlene - sounds like your move has been pitfall after pitfall! Surely anything that can go wrong has gone wrong by now? My moving horror story is wimpy compared to yours and the others' posts. Two months after getting married, we purchased our first home and my father-in-law gave my one day notice that he was bringing a trailer & two men to move all of our belongings! This was over the 4th of July weekend after I had worked the 11 pm to 7 am shift as a police dispatcher!

Such is life, right?


Rachelck said...

Darlene, I'd love to win one of your books, especially your latest.
I've moved many times. It has been a time to painfully leave behind many of my belongings that, as time passed, I haven't missed - much.

Rachel Kulp

Darlene Franklin said...

Rachel, if you check this blog, you are the winner of one of my books! Please contact me at belovedfranklin at msn dot com.