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Thursday, January 29, 2009

A hug of blessings

A devotional in my Grandmother's Bible from Nehemiah talked about thanking God for small things--to make myself consciously aware of all the things we take for granted that bless us on a daily basis. Amen!

What nearly undid me was the prayer tacked at the bottom. It thanked God for the "daily" blessings of a child or grandchild's hug. . .

Maybe that grandmother has children and grandchildren close by. For me, those hugs are few and far between. (I did take the idea and I thanked God for the daily hugs with my mother.)

Jolene was the world's best hugger. She would clutch me in a close embrace, tight enough to break my bones if not for the padding. When she would first see me on the weekend, she would run as fast as she could and crush me. I had to brace myself. She would also demand a "group hug." I welcomed the hugs, but not their intensity.

What I wouldn't do for one of those hugs right now.

And dear Mom, home from rehab for one day, went to the ER last night. Fluid is building up in her legs, and her doctor suggested she have it checked out. She spent the night. I may not get my daily hug. The emergency physician said "she'll retain fluid--not only in her legs, but her lungs and heart as well. That's what you get with congestive heart failure." He increased the diuretic, added potassium and put her in the hospital because of the problem with her legs.

We both had known congestive heart failure was a possibility because of the problem with her heart valve. But we didn't know it had developed--yet. The condition was the direct cause of my great-grandmother's death; scary words for both of us.

I may not even get one of Mom's hugs today, not if I can't get to the hospital to visit.

So what is today's verse? "We know that all things work together for good to those who love God." (Romans 8:28)

God is with us, even now. Lord, we need one of Your hugs today.


Tami said...


Jan Parrish said...

Oh Darlene,

I'm sending you big huge cyber hugs and I'll give you another big one next time I see you.

I understand how difficult it is caring for an elderly mother. I pray that she will improve and if not, that God will give you the grace to travel through this.

I'm praying for you.

Feb 2nd is the next ACFW - Mile High Scribes meeting. I hope you can join us.