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Monday, January 5, 2009


Changes. I have made changes to the blog. . .feeling my way, I've added the book cover of Snowbound Colorado Christmas (a little late, I know) as well as books coming out in 2009. I hope to update those as I sign more contracts (God willing) and see more book cover designs. Also I'll add a picture of my darling grandbaby as soon as I bring the disc home.

Of course, change is about a whole lot more than my fumbling attempts at controlling a blog.
Right now my mother and I appear to be facing changes.

As many of you know, Mom had heart valve replacement surgery on October 2. Her kidneys failed, her lungs didn't work right--her life seemed to hang in the balance for a few days. She had three dialysis treatments. Then she seemed to improve, spent several weeks in rehab, and returned home the day before Thanksgiving.

She returned the day after Christmas, after she fell down twice in one night. No broken bones, praise God. The diagnosis? Raging bladder infection, possible pneumonia, blood thinner levels too low, kidney levels too high. They kept her for five days and sent her back to rehab.

We're both wondering if they released her too soon. She's gained 30 pounds since Christmas; she's retaining fluids. Does she need dialysis again? Is fluid building up around her heart? Is this the beginning of the end?

On a happier note, Jaran reports that baby Jordan changes daily. He is full of "firsts." The day her umbilical cord fell off. . .her first trip. . .her first bath. I can't wait to see her in person (timing still pending).

2009 promises lots of changes ahead.

Praise the Lord that whatever happens, He doesn't change. His faithfulness is everlasting.

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Jan Parrish said...

Four books coming out? Wow, you have been busy. Great job.

I pray you get to see that grand baby soon.

Love, Jan