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Sunday, September 8, 2013


Never walk away from someone who deserves help; your hand is God's hand for that person. Don't tell your neighbor "Maybe some other time" or "Try me tomorrow" when the money's right there in your pocket. Proverbs 3:27-28. MSG

I'm a hugger. Are you? Workshops at my last employer included unwanted hugging as a form of "sexual harrassment," so I have learned to ask.

But, oh, how I long for that touch. No wonder the kisses of the man who stole my heart earlier this year tingled me from head to toe.

The nurses and aides, on a few rare, time-wasting occasions, have stayed with me. Massaging my aching legs and neck. Wiping sweat from my head and brow when night sweats rule. A hug.

And of course, there are other residents. No one has yet refused a hug when offered. The hugs are awkward; connecting with both of us in wheelchairs doesn't come easily. But both of us cling, almost with an air of desperation, hungry for that human touch.

On those occasions, my hands are very much God's hands and arms, hoping His love flows through me and wraps my friend.

A hug is the easiest way for me to help another person. Time doesn't come so easily. Nor does patience.

I chose a different dining room, so I wouldn't get stuck with a lady who repeats the same question every five minutes (reading a wall placque and asking what it means.) She's sweet, most of the time, just forgetful.

So yesterday, when she said, "I miss talking with you. We used to laugh about fun times we had."

Guilt slammed me. I should be willing to spend more time with her. The "money" needed--time--is right there on the wall, as the clock ticks away.

Who in your life that can benefit from your hands today?

Is there someone who only wants your time?

P.S. I got a new contract for three more Maple Notch books! Praise God with me.

1 comment:

bonton said...

Congratulations on the book contracts, Darlene!

You are so right, Darlene. My mobility issues sometimes limit me in reaching out to others - in some ways that I once used to do. Everyone has God-given talents, but even if we have reached the point where we are no longer able to use those talents, we can all give a hug, smile, hello, word of encouragement to someone, or just spend a little time with them. I am making a conscious effort to do this - as often as possible.

Prayers for your physical improvement, Darlene!