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Sunday, March 24, 2013


Six years or so ago, four authors were aiming to write cozy mysteries for Barbour. Along the way, they came up with a novella idea which they cleverly named CAT Christmas. "Celebrate Any Time" became "Christmas at Barncastle Inn," published by Barbour in 2011.

At the Barncastle Inn in Castlebury, Vermont, guests could request for a Christmas experience in the era of their choice. We wrote about World War II, medieval times, a pirate Christmas, and the very first Christmas. Christmas at Barncastle Inn is still available for purchase in print and as an e-book.

All along the four of us wanted to write about other holidays. So we decided to venture into new territory: write a series of novellas to celebrating holidays and other special events through all twelve months of the year.  We would publish them as separate e-books.

Today our dream has become a reality: Spring Comes to Barncastle Inn by Lynette Sowell is up at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords.  Next month we'll see Revolution at the Barncastle Inn by Susan Page Davis. My book, Barncastle Memorial, will go up in May.

Spring Comes to Barncastle Inn: Sadie Barncastle finds herself in rural Vermont, starting over and opening up a shop at the family inn. She meets up with an old friend from childhood, Peter Appleman, a widower next door with a precocious daughter. As Easter approaches, a time of forgiveness, restoration, and joy, the two realize that it's also a time for new beginnings, but does that include with each other?

Here's a short word about the next two offerings: 

Revolution at Barncastle Inn by Susan Page Davis:  Lily’s sister organizes a Patriot’s Day vacation at the Barncastle, with the entire week’s activities set in Revolutionary War days. Lily’s husband was killed in Afghanistan two years ago, and she’s found it hard to move on. But one of the “Redcoat” officers quartered at the inn makes a special connection with Lily and her son. They’re enemies for the week—but will they be allies for life?

Barncastle Memorial by Darlene Franklin: Gloria Barncastle’s visit with her family in Castlebury turns into a “This is Your Life” event, celebrating her years with her now deceased husband Gerry. As Gerry’s friend and cousin, widower Ted Barncastle plays a key role in the reenactments. Can Gloria and Ted let go of old memories and present grief to form a true Barncastle Reunion?

For background on the Barncastle Inn and its history, check out Christmas at Barncastle Inn, available both in print and ebook format.

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Sounds like some great books!