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Sunday, September 16, 2012


I seldom review books on my blog, except to offer a few comments in my side bar. But I had to make an exception for Laurie Kingery's upcoming book, Preacher's Bride. 

On the face of it, Preacher's Bride spins a fairly predictable romance between a bachelor preacher and one of the town's spinsters. The setting is familiar--Texas in the late 1860s.

But Preacher's Bride is so much more. The heroine, Faith, has lost her faith. A great premise. It is a story of lost faith, the nature of faith, of sacrifice and heroism, of deceit and reconciliation. It stands as a clear example of a book that transcends the genre, profound and touching, yet ending with the perfect fairy tale romance ending so loved by readers.

On top of that, I appreciated Kingery's seamless writing. I wrote a book (A Ranger's Trail) in the county next door to San Saba and Lampasas in the 1870s. This is an area and time period I researched thoroughly. Kingery blew me away with her integration of everyday Comanche life and faith, the threat from both Comancheros and Comanches (I want to go back and read the book that included the raid).

As far as I'm concerned, this book is a must-read!

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Page After Page--A place to connect said...

WOW! REALLY?!! I can win one of your books? Too cool! That's so great!! I hope I win, because if I don't win a copy of one of your books, I'll probably go crazy!! LOL

Kendra LaLonde

Page After Page--A place to connect said...

Really? Win one of your books?! That'd be great!! I hope I win, 'cause if I don't, I'll likely go insane!! LOL

Ken LaLonde

Amy Campbell said...

This is the first time I have heard of this author or book. Thanks for the recommendation.
Campbellamyd at gmail dot com

Digging for Pearls said...

dI enjoyed reading Laurie's new book too.

Jodie Wolfe

janice Olson said...

Sounds like a good read. Praying great success. Blessings, Janice

Krysti said...

It's always nice to hear that a book is well-written, and that the author has done her research well. :-)

Krysti said...

It's always nice to hear about an author who writes well and has done a great job of researching her books!

Laurie Kingery said...

Darlene, I want to thank you so much for the beautiful review, and for aging me on your blog. Thanks too to those who commented.
Blessings, Laurie Kingery

Jennifer said...

I love reading historicals because they take you back in time and help you to see in your mind what life was like!
So far I have four of Laurie's books: The Outlaw's Lady, Mail Order Cowboy, The Doctor Takes a Wife, and The Rancher's Courtship!