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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Look at the sidebars

I borrowed an idea from another blog and added a "books I'm writing sidebar." For those of you who are unpublished (or underpublished!) writers, check it out. It gives a week-by-week glimpse into the life of a working writer. I use the four book system first introduced to me by author Janice Thompson: the book I'm writing, the book I'm developing, the book going through the publication process at the publisher, and the book I'm marketing. So check it out for current and upcoming projects, as well as blogs where I am a guest (chance for FREE BOOKS!)

I also have a sidebar where I list the books I'm currently reading. When I'm done, I give my reaction to the book. It's easier than a full review, and it's a bit more personal . . .but it's a way to give credit to some fantastic authors! Both Christian and secular.

Especially happy to have finished Merry Christmas, With Love. One book out of three finished.

1 comment:

Kameko said...

I love the new sidebars and how your blog looks now. It's interesting to see what you are working on and how things are progressing.