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Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Remember to leave a comment on any or all blog posts this month for a chance to win one of my books or The Captain's Lady by Louise Gouge and Finding Jeena by Mirallee Ferrell. New to the list: The 365 Day Fun Bible Fact Book, received late last week.

I closed on my house last Friday! I've spent a whirwind weekend preparing for the big move. Jaran and Shelley took me furniture shopping on Sunday; we found a lovely dining room table with just enough space for their family plus me as well as a bedroom suite with a mattress set thrown in. Delivery: tomorrow.

Yesterday I packed up my living room.

Today I borrowed my friend Nancy to go shopping again. I got half price off queen-sized linens, including a comforter; then we went on to Hoffman's Furniture. All week they're offering "tax free" sales (Moore does this occasionally); after all the great deals I'd found, I splurged on ordering a custom-made sofa. It will be soooo beautiful.

My head is in the clouds. Thanks for celebrating with me!


Julie Jarnagin said...

Wow. That's great. I bought some new furniture a few weeks ago, and I still haven't gotten a firm delivery date. Congrats on the house!

Kameko said...

Sounds like you've found all sorts of good deals. Congratulations! I'm so happy you will have found nice things to put in your new home to make it all your own.


Tami said...

Congratulations on the new place! I'm so excited for you! Have a great time putting everything away and getting settled! :)

Darlene Franklin said...

I'm in and best of all I have INTERNET again.