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Sunday, April 18, 2010

House Hunting

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A week ago I received a phone call from my son the realtor that has sent me scurrying.

"Mom, if you're serious about looking for a house, you can get a tax rebate if you sign the contract by the end of April."

The very thought terrifies me--the last time I tried buying a house, I lost my good-paying job, was out of work, and then returned to work for half the salary. No, I didn't keep the house.

But if ever I'm going to do it, now, with my mother's life insurance policy in my bank account, is the time to do it.

For all of you home owners out there, you know the investment of time and emotion in looking. That's been my week. After we looked at a few places on Monday, I woke up the next morning thinking, "What have I done! I don't know if I want to buy a house. I don't want to move again. I don't want all that responsibility." Then I took all those fears to the Lord. I asked Him that I wouldn't make a foolhardy decision or one based on fear; a friend said also not to make a decision based on selfishness.

The Lord gave me peace. It would be wrong not to pursue buying a house because of a fear based on past experiences. He also reminded me of my "larger than life" wish from last year's ACFW conference to not only provide for my own needs but to leave a financial legacy for my children. Not to build up equity in a house would ultimately be selfish.

Foolhardy? No. My monthly payments will be less than the cost of rent, so even with additional expenses, I should be even.

Some time this week I'll be putting an offer in on a house. I'll keep you informed!


Julie Jarnagin said...

Good luck with the house hunting. It's always more fun to watch other people house hunting on tv than it is to do it in real life :)

LaTawnia said...

I pray the Lord will direct you to just the house He wants you to have. He can not only give you peace about searching but lead you to the one, as well.

Jackie Smith said...

I add my prayers to LaTawnia's....and praying His blessings upon you!

The Book Doctor said...

Oh, Darlene! I had no idea you were undergoing such huge changes! I'll pray you make the right decision and that God will lead you to the right house, a house He has picked out just for you! xxx

Love you, girl!