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Monday, November 9, 2009

Exploring Oklahoma

After four months of not moving far beyond the triangle from my house to the assisted living center where Mom is to Jaran's house, I decidied it was time to explore Oklahoma a little bit more. I tried what I did in Colorado. Travel for an hour in any direction and see where I ended up.

Last week I traveled south on I-35 to Paul's Valley and came back via 77. It was a lovely afternoon jaunt.

Yesterday I traveled west on I-44. First surprise (although I should have expected it): it's a toll road that cost me &6.50 for travelling about 50 miles "there and back again." After about half an hour, I decided I was tired and only wanted to get back home. At the time, I was approaching Chickasha. I thought the sign read "next 3 exits," so I was looking for one that that said "food" this exit. I bypassed the MacDonald's because I wanted "real" food.

Big mistake. Only two exits led to Chickasha and the next exit was twenty miles down the road. What could I do? I trundled down the road, exited at Sterling and hoped I could at least find a gas station with bathrooms and snacks. Five miles off the highway, over the crest of the steepest hill I've seen in Oklahoma so far, I think I found Sterling. The main portion of the town lay somewhere to the south of me but I didn't want to get lost trying to find it.

And no, I didn't find any gas station, let alone a restaurant. Thank the Lord I had plenty of gas.

So I headed back for Chickasha and headed for the place a sign advertised for serving "fried pies." I found the stand; but it was closed. But at least I found a gas station. After a bathroom and a nice long cold drink of diet coke and cheese crackers, I felt much revived and made my way home.

Oklahoma, here I come. I think I need to get off the highways and onto the back roads to actually see more than billboards and rest stops.


Jan Parrish said...

Brave of you to do all that exploring. Have you found a good church out there yet?

Sherri said...

I am glad that you found Draper Park Christian Church. Just today I checked out the Wild West book, however, I have several in front of it! Your adventures on the turnpike sound like some of mine. I drove from Moore to Purcell to teach in a Christian school for yrs. and know lots of Pauls Valley people. Both are great towns. Hoping to get to know you better!