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Monday, August 10, 2009

The Difference a Year Makes

Lately I have been reading my prayer journal entries from a year ago.

Man, did I struggle through my birthday. Every event made me miss Jolene all the more, my birthday especially.

This year I had the joy of spending the day with family. Eating ice cream with Mom (soft enough for her to manage). Going to Western Sizzlin' with Jaran and family. Watching Jordan's face go through every expression from disgust to delighted "give me more" as she tried all kinds of new foods: cottage cheese. lime jello. peas. And any number of other things.

Last year, Mom and I were struggling with whether or not she should have her heart valve replaced. Was the surgery successful? I don't know. She has gone downhill rapidly in these last few months, taking me with her on a journey that always arrives at an unexpected time.

A year ago, I asked God for patience, wisdom, courage ... and I still need all those things. And more.

Through good times and bad, surgery and recovery, contracts and rejections ... God is faithful. Praise the Lord that never changes.

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