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Friday, May 2, 2008

Still Waters

God brought Psalm 23 across my desk twice today.

First of all, I sang one of several adaptations of the psalm in my hymnbook. Secondly, a friend sent me an acrostic.

I didn’t make the connection until just now, thinking about what to write today. Do I need God to write it across the sky with lightning? Hopefully not. 

I won’t write about the valley of the shadow of death. Yes, even there, He has led us into and through the shadow of Jolene’s death. But tonight I don’t want to dwell in that dark place.

Instead, I’ll cling to the promise of still waters. What do they look like?

A puddle of moments when my thoughts are aimed at happier times, like my new grandchild, the upcoming visit with my son and his family, opportunities to promote my book (and write more!)

Friends who call, who write, who pray in silent, secret battle on our behalf.

Long hours of dreamless sleep.

Stories that lift me out of the moment and make me look at the world in a new way.

Those are a few of my still waters. What are some of yours?

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Tanya Hanson said...

I "went back" to beautiful Walden Pond a few weeks ago when my hubby, so laid low by chemo, lay so gray and sick in the ER. I could hardly bear it, seeing him, my strong, brave fireman, so I went back in memory a few months to that place of peace. In spite of my endless tears that night, the Lord did grant me peace. It has also helped me, these harrowing weeks, to "lift up mine eyes until the" nearby hills. Psalm 121.

I pray that each day your pain lessens and the blessings Jolene brought into your life will start re-play over and over in your heart. Blessings, dear friend.